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Partnership efforts come to fruition

This is what seven years of partnership looks like! Paraglide inventor Matt MacKenzie and Christopher Morse of Northwood are all smiles behind those masks as Paraglide repositioning systems are delivered to the facility where the idea for the technology got its start.

Christopher and his colleague Gail Giffen, both Occupational Therapists at Northwood, identified the need for a better solution to repositioning residents in wheelchairs years ago, as they saw — first hand — too many of their staff ending up injured.

So many of the features that make Paraglide what it is today are a direct result of the feedback, input, and insights Chris and Gail shared with us as we developed and refined the technology over the past seven years.

Chris & Gail, the fruits of your labour and leadership are finally here, and we hope you feel as proud as we do in this moment.

Paraglide is already making a difference in the lives of its users, offering better care while preventing injuries in the sector that faces the highest workplace injury rates in the country.

And we couldn’t have done it without you.


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