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Introducing automated repositioning, for BEDS

Have you ever visited someone in the hospital, home, nursing home or palliative care facility who was crumpled in the middle of their adjustable bed because they had slid down and couldn't push themselves back up into a comfortable upright position?

We have. And we've heard from countless others whose loved ones have experienced this heartbreaking situation, too.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce the next iteration of our assistive device technology: an automated repositioning system… for beds.

Using the same patented technology that powers our Paraglide automated repositioning system for wheelchair users, caregivers will be able to reposition someone who has slid down in a bed — at the touch of a button — as many times as they’d like throughout the day. Safely. Effortlessly. With dignity.

We were thrilled to launch a video release of this made-in-Nova-Scotia technology to industry leaders from across the country at the Canadian Seating & Mobility Conference in Toronto Oct. 20-21, 2022. Feedback was as we expected, along the lines of: "Wow. We need this. When will it be available?"

We anticipate the bed technology -- which will reposition someone weighing up to 700 lbs -- to be completed in less than a year, and we're working on a plan to secure a partner with established sales and distribution channels interested in taking this technology, along with its predecessor, the Paraglide automated repositioning system for wheelchair users, to the next level. And, ultimately, out to those who need it.

Our first product, the Paraglide automated repositioning system for wheelchair users, which repositions people weighing up to 550 lbs, is already changing the lives of residents and caregivers in dozens of nursing homes across Nova Scotia. It's offering independence, comfort, dignity and safety at the touch of a button while simultaneously eliminating the risk of injury for caregivers.

With proven success in our home province, we look forward to seeing both of these technologies on wheelchairs and beds across North America, and beyond.

Within days of launching this video, we've already heard from individuals and industry leaders that this automated bed repositioning system is needed, game-changing and a win-win for clients and caregivers alike.

"This is amazing, congratulations!

This new device along with the Paraglide wheelchair positioner

will change lives - quality of life and care for clients and enhance worker safety!" Susan Dempsey, Executive Director, AWARE-NS

"Fantastic idea, it breaks my heart when I visit my mom and she's all folded up half way down her bed because she's not strong enough to push her body up. Bravo for helping our most vulnerable."

Jeannie Garbett

Your products are game changers!

So wonderful that you are investing in technology to help those in care and their caregivers. All the best.

Barbara Hall, Chair, Northwood Board of Governors

"How I would have loved to have this when dad was sick.

Thank you for creating such wonderful solutions. Well done!"

Dianna Worthing Dalrymple

"Wow, this can make a huge difference in so many peoples lives. Not only the patients confined to a bed, but also the caregivers who risk personal injury when trying to make them comfortable. Well done."

Mark Morreale


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