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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any wheelchairs that Paraglide will not work on?

Paraglide has two essential wheelchair specification requirements. The first requirement is that there must be clear and unobstructed access to the down canes and/or the arm rest tubes at the back of the wheelchair, which must be 1 inch or less in diameter (spacers provided to accommodate smaller diameters). These tubes are necessary to attach the clamps that hold and secure the Paraglide device. There must also be a space between the back rest and the seat cushion to allow room for the Paraglide sheet to slide through. Paraglide will not work with wheelchairs that have a center spine.

How will Paraglide remind me when it is time for a reposition?

When a user is seated in their wheelchair, the Paraglide system monitors their repositions and is automated so that it will provide a reminder to conduct a reposition every 60 minutes as per the Mayo Clinic guidelines. The remote will display the message “Reposition Recommended”, which will remain for 15 minutes with a beep notification every two minutes (if the sound is on). This can be stopped by performing a glide or hitting the “Reset” button if the user does not wish to be repositioned.

How do I use the ‘find my remote’ feature?

Briefly press and hold the small pin hole button (1-3 seconds) until the light begins to blink slowly and then release. This will send a signal to the Paraglide remote and cause the remote to set an alarm which will continue for two minutes or until the “Reset” button is selected. It can take up to 30 seconds for the remote to receive this signal.

Does Paraglide have a warranty?

Paraglide comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

How do I clean Paraglide?

The Paraglide sheet can be laundered and dried with the user’s personal belongings as you would typically. There is a name tag on the bottom side of the Paraglide sheet where the user’s name can be written to ensure it does not get mixed up with another sheet. Before cleaning the Paraglide drum ensure the green protective cap is closed tightly. You may then clean and rinse the drum as needed. The device is IP 67 certified.

Does Paraglide have a weight capacity?

Each size of Paraglide has a weight capacity of 550 lbs.