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Paraglide® is the only wheelchair repositioning device that:

  • Allows the wheelchair user to move freely throughout the day between a slouched position and an upright position, providing comfort and protection against painful and costly pressure injuries.

  • Offers independence and dignity to wheelchair users, giving them control to move themselves at the touch of a button and replacing the need to be lifted in a sling by an overhead lift device (or pulled under the arms or belt loops, risking injury to caregivers).

  • Eliminates the risk of caregiver injury, offering a quick and safe automated solution to an often risky client repositioning task.

  • Reduces costs and increases productivity in care facilities by reducing workplace injuries and the need for labour intensive, time-consuming repositioning methods.

  • Provides alerts & monitors the level of care, collecting data about the frequency of repositions throughout the day. Armed with this data, caregivers and care facilities can compare the wheelchair user’s movement against the Mayo Clinic’s recommendations for the prevention of pressure ulcers, potentially preventing these injuries before they become a burden.

Paraglide is ideal for patients, residents and clients who are unable to reposition themselves manually, whether they are in:

  • Homes, where the individual lives alone or the caregiver is a spouse or family member

  • Homes receiving part-time home care

  • Continuing care homes, long-term care facilities and nursing homes with full-time residents

Paraglide display at Silver Economy Summ
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