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Paraglide user
Northwood resident

“It’s wonderful and every institution should have it.

Best thing ever.”

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Director, Business Development

Northwood Group of Companies

Here at Northwood, we are so thankful for your dedication and commitment to making a difference for older adults and all Nova Scotians. 


We believe Paraglide will be industry transformative and that this technology embodies a true shift to person-centred care, where people are empowered to actually manage their own comfort and safety. 


Great to also see Paraglide represented as a innovation leader at the national AGE-WELL conference.  Our residents and staff pegged Paraglide as a winner from the start and they understand value when they see it!


Executive Director

Aware Nova Scotia

“The [Nova Scotia] healthcare industry as a whole pays more than $60 million in WCB premiums. More importantly, too many healthcare workers are being injured on the job. Almost 80 per cent of time-loss claims are musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs), and many of these injuries are linked to lifting, transferring and repositioning residents, patients and clients.

We need to work together to find ways to build a better safety culture to turn the tide of these high injury rates. It will take leadership, action and innovation.

Paraglide is a promising innovation that has the potential to eliminate the risk of injury to healthcare workers while also providing client-centred care.”


CEO, Northwood
Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Northwood is proud to be part of the research partnership that answered our initial clinical question, "Is there a better way to pull slouched wheelchair patients back into a healthy, upright position?"


Congratulations Paraglide on this innovative solution that will help our community, clients, and our staff caregivers, live more."


Director of Clinical Services

R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CAN

"It’s not uncommon [for our residents to] require frequent repositioning in their power chairs for both comfort and maintenance of good skin care. Unfortunately repositioning requires the assistance of staff members and can limit where and for how long a resident can be away in their power chair.


When I first saw the Paraglide... I immediately realized the impact this tool will have towards enabling our residents to self-reposition, whenever and wherever they are, thereby improving their sitting posture, increasing their independence and comfort while using their power chair.


...Paraglide [will] help eliminate that frustration, discomfort and definitely impact on their quality of life!"


Injury Prevention Consultant

Nova Scotia Health Authority

“The team at MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies has come up with an elegant and innovative design to significantly reduce the risk to health care providers when their patients and residents need to be repositioned in their chair.


Repositioning patients in their chair is a high risk task for musculoskeletal injury when done manually and this is the only mechanical solution I am aware of. In addition many patients and residents will be able to reposition themselves independently, when otherwise they would need assistance.


I'm excited for this product to be available!"