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Just want to start out by saying these paraglide systems are AWESOME! We LOVE them!! WISH WE HAD MORE!

Paraglide (1)_edited.jpg

Jeremy Colson
OT/PT Assistant
East Cumberland Lodge

The staff love it, it's easy to use and user friendly.

Excellent customer service, problem solving skills, and an outstanding team that takes a lot of pride in the product/company. 

Matt and Ann_edited_edited.jpg

Ann Hicks
Paraglide user
Northwood resident

I don’t have to get a caregiver all the time. I don’t have to say, ‘Excuse me, can you pull me back in the chair? I’m too far forward.’ This allows me to do it myself. I’ve always liked being independent, so since I got this, it’s been wonderful.

Lucy MacDonald
Annapolis Royal Nursing Home


Terry Macintyre
Director of Clinical Services
R.K MacDonald Nursing Home

When I first saw the Paraglide... I immediately realized the impact this tool will have towards enabling our residents to self-reposition, whenever and wherever they are, thereby improving their sitting posture, increasing their independence and comfort while using their power chair. 

  Paraglide [will] help eliminate that frustration, discomfort and definitely impact on their quality of life!


Success, the resident loves it. She said she never sat up so good in the chair.

Margaret Szabo.JPG


Director, Business Development 

Northwood Group of Companies 

Here at Northwood, we are so thankful for your dedication and commitment to making a difference for older adults and all Nova Scotians.  

We believe Paraglide will be industry transformative and that this technology embodies a true shift to person-centered care, where people are empowered to actually manage their own comfort and safety.  

Denise Touesnard
Port Hawkesbury
Nursing Home


Andrew MacVicar


Queens Manor nursing home

“If a nursing home were to use the gold standard of repositioning every hour or two with an overhead lift to keep residents in an optimal position, it would take hours and hours of time we simply don’t have given ongoing staff shortages.


But with Paraglide, providing that optimal level of care is possible. What’s that worth?”

Richard Paraglide 1.jpg

"I feel much better after the Paraglide pulls me back.


Before getting it, my bottom would feel sore after sitting in my wheelchair for a while. I would have to tilt my power wheelchair back as far as it could go, to relieve my discomfort.


Now, I'm not feeling any pain at all.”

Paraglide remote control 2021.jpg

Care staff
Grand View Manor

“We have a resident who would slide forward frequently in her wheelchair, putting pressure on her belt, causing skin breakdown and blistering.


We tried different cushions, different wheelchairs, we’ve even had vendors come in to help solve her sliding but nothing has worked until we tried Paraglide”

Having Paraglide to help pull her back has eliminated the blistering and skin breakdown."

Richard Daury
Paraglide user in a power tilt chair
Queens Manor nursing home


Mark Williams

Injury Prevention Consultant 

Nova Scotia Health Authority 

The team at MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies has come up with an elegant and innovative design to significantly reduce the risk to health care providers when their patients and residents need to be repositioned in their chair.   

Repositioning patients in their chair is a high risk task for musculoskeletal injury when done manually and this is the only mechanical solution I am aware of. In addition many patients and residents will be able to reposition themselves independently, when otherwise they would need assistance. 

Paraglide boxes for delivery.jpg

Caelan Morash
OT/PT Assistant
Hillside Pines Home for Special Care

“I think this will change healthcare. Very important to preventing pressure injuries, as tilt wheelchairs cannot always do this.”


Kassidy Nickerson
OT/PT Assistant
Queens Manor

I can honestly say, that it seems like your company, engineers and other employees are very passionate about creating equipment that will be both beneficial for the residents, while also being straightforward and as simplistic for staff usage. It's not often that you hear of a company/organization listening to the feedback of health care workers, and using that to implement change. It's refreshing to know that you value health care workers.


Alice Bangay
Transfer Mobility Assistant
Grand View Manor

I was a CCA for 25 years. My body feels it. Paraglide is so beneficial, not only for the resident comfort and skin integrity, but also for staff safety. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else.


Northwood is proud to be part of the research partnership that answered our initial clinical question, "Is there a better way to pull slouched wheelchair patients back into a healthy, upright position?" 

Congratulations Paraglide on this innovative solution that will help our community, clients, and our staff caregivers, live more.

David Burke.jfif

David Burke
Founder/CEO Nxtgen Care

Awesome. Paraglide rocks. Look out world!! This is the type of innovation the aging industry needs. Well done!!

Janet Simm

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