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Introducing the Paraglide automated repositioning system for wheelchair users

After seven years of development, starting with a simple sketch on a napkin, we are thrilled to introduce our Paraglide automated repositioning system for wheelchair users -- the world's first high-tech, hands-free (or minimal contact) assistive device technology designed to protect the backs of caregivers while giving wheelchair users the power to reposition themselves -- safely and independently -- at the touch of a button.

If you haven't seen it yet, the video below offers a brief preview of what it is and how it works.

Our 1st production run is SOLD OUT, fulfilling orders placed by 21 Nova Scotia nursing homes who ordered more than 100 units through a Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness pilot project fund.

Our 2nd production run begins at the end of August 2021. To secure Paraglide systems for your facility, we are taking pre-orders now.

Attention: One-time funding available to Nova Scotia nursing homes and home care agencies

Paraglide has recently been approved as a safety device available for one-time funding through the 2021/2022 Department of Health and Wellness SAFETY EQUIPMENT FUND. This fund, managed by AWARE-NS, is open to Nova Scotia Long Term Care and Home Support/Care organizations to access workplace safety equipment to ensure that workers can safely deliver care to clients in continuing care environments.

Safety for your staff. Better care for your residents/clients. Funded by the province... WIN-WIN-WIN!

Matthew MacKenzie, Founder of MHT and inventor of Paraglide, explains how Paraglide's patented technology works.


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