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Over 100 Paraglide repositioning devices delivered this week

Over 100 Paraglide systems are headed to nursing homes across Nova Scotia this week!

These 21 care facilities, with funding from the 2020 Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness' Continuing Care Innovation Pilot Project, will be the **first in the world** to replace a risky, uncomfortable, time-consuming repositioning task with a high-tech, contactless reposition — at the touch of a button.

"This is it," says Matthew MacKenzie, inventor of Paraglide and CEO and co-founder of MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies. "After seven years of development, and multiple starts and stops, from Covid-19 requiring us to halt development in 2020 to pivot to PPE face shield production, to troubleshooting a million scenarios with our engineering partners, to sourcing raw material in global supply chain shortages, it hasn't been easy."

But, MacKenzie says, this week's deliveries are exciting.

"Today marks the moment the rubber hits the road for our team," he says.

"We're ready to begin changing lives."



  • Our team loads boxes of Paraglide automated repositioning systems for wheelchair users into a delivery truck, Monday, August 23, 2021.

  • Evan, our Customer Success Specialist, begins his province-wide delivery tour to 21 nursing homes.

  • Paraglide components ready for assembly

  • Paraglide product and packaging shots.


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