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Paraglide wins Discovery Awards, 2020

We did NOT expect this!

Every Discovery Awards 2020 finalist sent a pre-recorded acceptance speech in case they won, but we really didn’t think we’d win the Innovation category given the incredible talent we were up against. A lot of screaming from our cheerleading section (our daughters) last night when this happened...

Admiration & gratitude to our whole kick-arse team at MHT and MacKenzie Atlantic. You, my friends, won this award.

Thank you for showing up every day with innovative ideas, dedication to quality and customer service — and, this year even more than before, safety and care for one another and our communities.

To our advisors, supporters, cheerleaders, connectors, suppliers, customers and industry partners: you own a piece of this, too. We’re riding this awesome wave together.

Thanks again to MNP for nominating us; The Discovery Centre in Halifax, the judges and sponsors of tonight’s awards ceremony, for showcasing the global talent bursting out of our little province!

Awesome to see so many women in the program, bringing science to life and leading the way. Our daughters noticed. Keep inspiring the next generation!

Innovation Finalists: 2020 Discovery Awards


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