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Assembly has begun

The first of our molded injection parts in our signature Paraglide green arrived this week — yay!

Here’s the shell of our smart remote control that people (or their caregivers) will use to reposition themselves when they become stuck or uncomfortably slid forward in their wheelchair. A button on this remote will activate the rotating mechanical device attached to the back of the wheelchair, and they’ll slide gently into an upright seated position in no time, the fabric freeing under them so they can move freely, over and over again, throughout the day.

From little Nova Scotia comes a world-leading, patented technology that will change lives — increasing the comfort, independence & dignity of those who spend time in wheelchairs, and eliminating the risk of injury for their caregivers who risk their health and safety to reposition them.

And over 100 Nova Scotians living in long term care facilities will be the first to try them in the New Year!


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