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Recent post-secondary grads: We're looking to hire!

We're gearing up to begin selling our award-winning technology, and we are looking for a few incredible people to join our team! With funding support from the National Research Council of Canada's Youth Employment Program, we are looking to fill three new, dynamic 9-month contract positions. Open to new and recent graduates of relevant post-secondary programs who meet the Youth Employment Program's eligibility criteria, the positions are:

*NOTE: we've encountered a technical glitch when this page is opened via a social media link. If the positions above are not underlined and clickable/linked (to a full position description in PDF format), you may need to open in your internet browser, and click NEWS for the position descriptions in full. Or, view this page from your desktop.

Read the position descriptions for details on the opportunities, eligibility criteria and application process.

We're offering competitive compensation for these 9-month contracts. For the right candidate, there is potential for these roles to become permanent, full-time positions at the end of the contract - with opportunity for further advancement as our company grows.

Application process closes 12:00 noon on Monday, March 11, 2019.

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