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BioNova Announces MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies as the Winner of the BioInnovation Challenge

Matthew MacKenzie and Carmen MacKenzie of MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies walked away with the top prize as winners of the sixth annual BioInnovation Challenge at a ceremony held today at BioPort Atlantic 2016.

"The competition was tough, but we knew we left it all on the table," said Matthew, President & CEO of MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies. "I had the opportunity to present alongside two stellar competitors today, and having gotten to know them over the past 48 hours, I truly wish them and their teams the best as they pursue their vision to bring their technologies to market."

"It took a ton of work to get from where we were six weeks ago to today," said Carmen MacKenzie, VP, Business Development & Marketing. "But we wouldn't be where we are without stellar support from a team of talented mentors, pitch team members and BioNova."

The $15,000 seed funding will go towards final stage development of the Paraglide as well as branding support, and the in-kind mentorship from an advisory panel will help move Paraglide that much closer to commercialization -- and that much closer to helping people in wheelchairs and the caregivers who care for them.

"We can't wait to see what the months ahead have in store," said Matthew.

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