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International Women's Day

A shout-out to all of the awesome women in the MHT & MacKenzie Atlantic family whose ideas, talent, passion and dedication have helped shape where we are today.

Women manage our finances, our procurement, our safety, our on-boarding, websites, social media, marketing, HR and team building events. Women work in production, running machines, making precision parts for the defense industry and managing intricate assemblies for medical devices.

Last year, when we pivoted to produce PPE for frontline healthcare workers, women ran the daily operations of the face shield assembly line in a high school gym & produced 1.2 million face shields in under 4 months — safely, on budget and ahead of schedule.

Women have designed all of our logos & brands, from our very first logo in 2006 to the full suite of artwork you see today for MacKenzie Atlantic, MHT, Paraglide & Shield in a Box.

We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

To the women on our team, in our supply chain, and as reps for our clients: thanks for all you do — and Happy International Women’s Day.


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