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The Paraglide® automated repositioning system for wheelchair users is the latest in assistive device technology that changes the way people are repositioned in wheelchairs in homes, hospitals and care facilities around the world. With Paraglide’s patented technology, a wheelchair user can move freely from a slouched position to an upright position with the touch of a button – safely, independently and with dignity.

Paraglide® Features
Paraglide® Technology

Paraglide® is an easy-to-use device that attaches to a wheelchair and will reposition a person from a slouched position to a properly seated upright position at the touch of a button – safely and independently.


Paraglide® is the only wheelchair repositioning device that allows the wheelchair user to move freely, offers independence and dignity, eliminates the risk of caregiver injury, reduces costs and increases productivity, and monitors the level of care.

Paraglide® Testimonials

Here's what people are already saying about Paraglide's potential impact on workplace safety and users' quality of life.

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Ann Hicks
Paraglide user

It's wonderful and every institution should have it.

Best thing ever.


Richard Daury
Paraglide user
Queens Manor

I feel much better after Paraglide pulls me back. Before getting it, my bottom would feel sore after sitting in my wheelchair for a while. I would have to tilt my power wheelchair back as far as it could go to relieve my discomfort. Now, I'm not feeling any pain at all.


Kassidy Nickerson
OT/PT Assistant
Queens Manor

Our staff love them so much and we're finding it so effective to reposition residents!


Susan Dempsey
Executive Director
Aware Nova Scotia

The [Nova Scotia] healthcare industry as a whole pays more than $60 million in WCB premiums. More importantly, too many healthcare workers are being injured on the job. Paraglide is a promising innovation that has the potential to eliminate the risk of injury to healthcare workers while also providing client-centred care.

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Jeremy Colson
OT/PT Assistant
East Cumberland Lodge

We are very happy to try this brand-new product out. I have been working in healthcare for about 10 years and I have never seen anything like this, and it makes me think, why didn’t I think of this?! 

PRE-ORDER Paraglide for early 2024

After winning "The Pitch" competition at The Ontario Long Term Care Association’s (OLTCA) This is Long Term Care 2023 conference in October, nursing homes in that province purchased ALL of our inventory and have even placed pre-orders with our sales partners for our next production run.  We highly suggest placing your pre-order now for the New Year. 


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In Atlantic Canada, contact:  

Harding Medical



Elsewhere in Canada, contact:  

HME Ltd.


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