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The Paraglide® automated repositioning system for wheelchair users is the latest in assistive device technology that changes the way people are repositioned in wheelchairs in homes, hospitals and care facilities around the world. With Paraglide’s patented technology, a wheelchair user can move freely from a slouched position to an upright position with the touch of a button – safely, independently and with dignity.

Paraglide® Features
Paraglide® Technology

Paraglide® is an easy-to-use device that attaches to a wheelchair and will reposition a person from a slouched position to a properly seated upright position at the touch of a button – safely and independently.

Paraglide® is the only wheelchair repositioning device that allows the wheelchair user to move freely, offers independence and dignity, eliminates the risk of caregiver injury, reduces costs and increases productivity, and monitors the level of care.

Paraglide® Testimonials

Here's what people are already saying about Paraglide's potential impact on workplace safety and users' quality of life.

Production run #1, Summer 2021:
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Covid-19 impact on production:
Global market shortages of certain components within the Paraglide system have resulted in variable costs and increased lead times. Inventory from each production run will be secured and delivered based on when the orders are received.

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